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With over 10+ years of experience in content production and marketing, my client understood that many businesses needed a more effective creative marketing solution and proper brand strategy. People are always focused on fancy visuals but have no meaning behind them. Some content can be too flashy and salesman-like that isn't authentic or trustworthy. My client wants to solve this problem by collaborating with his customers to help them grow their business by providing a solution that has meaningful content that people can trust.


The solution is to create an experience where website visitors can understand my client's vision and how it can help my client's customer grow their business.

My client aim's to provide strategic branding and creative services to business owners in a collaborative environment with an authentic voice. In a world where people want immediate gratification, my client wants to slow down the creative process so he can think about smarter ways to approach the projects and provide the maximum opportunity for success. By measuring qualitative and quantitative data, my client will track the growth of the project and double down on what works best. My client's goals are to provide his customers with tangible results and produce creative assets that they can both be proud of.


For this project, I was in charge of the UX strategy and web design from concept to completion. My client already knew what they wanted before he reached out to me, but needed a creative professional who can execute on the visual design and site structure.

The other members that I worked with were the stakeholder and the visual designer. For every significant stage of the design process, I would have a meeting with the stakeholders to gather feedback and get additional input.


Web Design




April 2019


The client wanted to market his company as a boutique consultancy agency (not traditional creative agency), where they only work with a small list of clientele. Their services focused heavily on content marketing, production, and visuals.

“The goal of the website is to be young, fresh, forward-thinking, authentic, organic, professional, and results-oriented"

What I learned

Collaborating with Figma in team environments

Figma is a powerful tool when working with other collaborators on a single project. My client was able to provide the assets for the project and uploaded them all to Figma. I had to work with the assets I had available and create a layout that fits all his content. For every significant stage of the design process, my client made comments directly on Figma to address his concerns and needs. By communicating on Figma and pointing out his concerns, we were able to resolve them quickly without any confusion for both parties. Working with Figma helped us to increase our workflow and finished the site a few days before the estimated deadline. I would not use Figma for every project, but it is a useful tool that became valuable in a collaborative setting.

NExt steps

In the first few weeks, there was not a lot of site visitors and also not a lot of data to collect to make data-driven decisions to improve site performance. Since the website was new, I recommended my client to continue adding more content, optimize SEO, and market his services on social media platforms to increase traffic to the site. In the next six months, I plan on revisiting the website to analyze qualitative and quantitative data to improve site performance and user traffic.


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