Brand Plan

Marketing agencies have to visualize, understand, and communicate effective marketing strategies while managing multiple components for a single project. The marketing department has to manage the tools, channels, tactics, audience, people, and goals for the project to be successful. Over 20+ in-house agency marketers have addressed their problems that every time a new contractor gets involved in a marketing project, the agency has to go through the same information twice, and it wastes time to do that. No marketing software in the market can filter, share, and collaborate strategies that help make better decisions for the business.


The solution for Brand Plan is to create an all-in-one B2B marketing software that can help manage their marketing strategies to help grow other businesses. With a single software that can help marketers visualize, understand, and communicate their marketing strategies to their customers, it will provide the agencies with the proper tool to increase their workflow and productivity.


For this project, I was in charge of the UX strategy and product design from concept to completion. My client provided me with a simple wireframe with instructions on the required user interface to deliver. I completed the project one week in advance of the deadline in case we needed to make small changes in the UI or functionality of the software design.

The other members that I worked with were the stakeholder and the visual designer. For every significant stage of the design process, I would have a meeting with the stakeholders to gather feedback and get additional input.


Product Design


Adobe XD


August 2019

Client Interview

There are a total of 1 Million B2B Marketers in the United States. Brand Plan is targeting about 14,000 agencies, which is about 5% of the marketers in the United States. By Q3 of 2020, Brand Plan estimates to have at least 30 paying customers to use their product. The software will be $199/month and is expected by 2022 to have a sale of $4.6M.

dashboard + calendar

create new campaigns + tactics

create new persona

view + edit persona

create brand box

create business

What I learned

Simplifying the user experience

This project taught me to empathize with the users and understand how they would enjoy using the product. Marketers are not always the most tech-savvy individuals and do not want technical implications to decrease their workflow. They want to have a tool that can increase their productivity and save time from frustration. Since this product was new to the market, I had to come up with ideas that would help guide them through every step of the process, and at the same time, reduce the number of steps the user has to take.

At the final stage of the design process, I received positive feedback from my client and the small group of users that tested the product. By adding additional components such as helpful tips, breadcrumbs, and simple navigations, helped make the product enjoyable to use.

NExt steps

My role in Q3 of 2019 was to create a mockup that my client can present to potential customers and investors. The plan in Q1 of 2020 is to push the product into development. Once Q3 of 2020 hits, there is potential that my client will reach out to me to refine their product. The goal of Q3 is also to do seed marketing and gain a total of 30 paying customers. Q4 of 2020 is when the product will push heavily for the adoption of new partners that could make use of their product. In the meantime, they are pleased with my results and so far an ongoing project.


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